Summary of Products
Summary of Products.
Industrial pattern materials.
Pattern materials for making synthetic marbles.
The raw material of fiber wall.
Glitters, Colored Mica,
San Color P.
Crushed Pulp, Colored Rayon.
The cut fiber and crushed fiber.
Wood powder, colored sand, colored Polyester grain and colored beads.
Gold powder, aluminum powder.

<Rainbow A>
Compared with other companies' products, our Rainbow A performs exceptionally well. Not only is it resistant to solvents, but its color remains fast at temperatures over 200.
<Crystal.>This material is used to create colorful, lustrous hologram effects, bringing a whole new stylistic sense to a range of products.
<San Color Glitter> Metalized polyester film is dessicated to make glitter. This glitter brings a bright, colorful touch to such materials as fabric print, paints, handicrafts, hard vinyl chloride and acrylic plastic.
<San Color ST>San Color ST is a type of processed polyester film, which has the same color on its surface as it does inside. It is heat-resistant to 200, and displays excellent resistance to solvents. This artificial pattern material is used when making synthetic marbles by such methods as BMC, SMC and casting.
<San Color PiNo.1j>
<San Color PiNo.2j>
<San Color PiNo.3j>
<San Color PiNo.4j>

Patented in Japan

Patent pending in Chaina
This material is made by first crushing an amount of polyester film, and then coloring it using the special STC method - an original method developed by SANYO KASEI. This material is heat-resistant to over 200, and it has excellent resistance to solvents. We provide a range of colors to suit your needs, but if you cannot find what you want in our samples, we are always pleased to make colors to order."
"San Color P is an artificial pattern material used when making synthetic marbles by such methods as BMC, SMC and casting. We supply these materials to several major Japanese synthetic marble manufacturers.
<Colored Polyester Grain> The method used to make this material is similar to that used for San Color P, except that polyester is used instead of polyester film. And the range of applications is also like that of San Color P; we supply different colors of Colored Polyester Grain to a number of Japanese synthetic marble manufacturers.
<Colored Rayon.> This material is highly heat resistant - up to 230 - and is used to give pattern effects in a range of different applications, from plastics, paper products and textiles, to PVC and polyester products.
<rc> SD is made from all-natural materials. With its very high heat resistance of 250, SD is ideally suited to withstanding the high-temperatures used in processing such plastics as ABS, PP, PE, and PS. If you're planning to make products out of natural materials, SD will fulfil your needs.
<Colored Mica>Colored Mica, with its heat resistance of 230, is used to create patterned effects in a range of applications, from plastics, paper products and textiles, to PVC and polyester products. Colored Mica has recently been used successfully to create marbled patterns in plastics.
<Black Dia and Colored Stone> Black Dia is a mineral stone, while Colored Stone is natural stone that has been colored through our unique STC method. Colored stone withstands contact both with solvents and with harsh weather conditions. It is a most suitable material for granule-style paint.
<Plastic grain> These are samples of plastic grain, the surface color of which is the same as the color inside the grain.
<Woos powder>Wood powder products are made from recycled natural materials. There are many possible applications for these products, and they add a natural ""woody"" sense wherever they are used. Wood powder is especially useful in making synthetic wood. "
"Colored wood powder has excellent heat-resistance properties, performing well up to 230. It can be used effectively with such plastics as polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS) and polyvinylchloride (PVC).

<PXP wood powder>
<Recycling pulp>
<Pure pulp>